September 19, 2020

Diego López, the arctic champion – The Province

Diego López, the arctic champion - The Province

The Gran Canaria Diego López he proclaimed champion of the world of the icy kilometer in the category 35-39, in the World of frozen waters of Muramansk, Russia. The capital swimmer achieved the record with a time of 14:23 in a pool of zero degrees within the Arctic Circle.

In addition, he was eleventh overall, behind Olympic swimmers such as Petar Stoichev or Christof Wandratsch. In the world appointment there was a total of 400 swimmers from 32 countries. Two Spaniards had managed to qualify to the World Cup, Diego Lopez and Mario Fernandez, who was sixth in its category and fourteenth in the general with a time of 14:42.

"I'm very happy with the result, obviously," Lopez said ironically. "There were very good swimmers from countries accustomed to the cold and stay ahead of many has been a surprise, "he admits. The Gran Canaria was together with Fernández, from Gijón, with "an open mind, with the idea of ​​making a good paper but we did not really know what brands we could make".

The competition took place in a pool excavated on an icy lake in the Russian city. "The water was at 0 degrees and the room temperature was 1 degree, "he said.. The first day of competition swam the 500 free. "I had a good street, but there were very good swimmers, I finished seventh overall and third in my category." Lopez believes he could improve the brand. "I was left with the feeling that I could have done better, I was somewhat tired by the jetlag," he reveals.

The Gran Canaria, who lives in New York (USA), prepared mentally before the reign, the icy kilometer. "I rested well after the first test and focused on the important one," he says. The Canary was surprised by the deployment of media that came to cover the appointment. "It was a world test, but there were many international media covering the event," says López, who highlighted the organizational level of the event.

"In the thousand meters I felt very comfortable, I finished seventh in my series with a time of 14:23, which gave me the eleventh overall position," he explains. Lopez got the gold in his age category. "I am very happy with the result, since in the overall I was overtaken by few swimmers, most of them Olympic and with a lot of experience in competitions". With the mark obtained in Muramansk, Lopez has the record of Spain and the USA in the icy kilometer to date. "Another achievement", sentence.


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