April 21, 2021

Diego Lainez, the tenacity of the rookie | sports

Diego Lainez, the tenacity of the rookie | sports

Quique Setién You can trust Diego Lainez. The Mexican has taken a step forward whenever he is required. He is an 18-year-old boy who will not be tanned, but not brave. The young man has begun to accumulate his first minutes in a Betis fervent that tries to sneak into the final of the Copa del Rey, jump the bar in the Europa League and stay in the top six places in LaLiga.

Lainez arrived at Betis the first week of January and, from that moment, prudence has been the key word in the green and white set. Mexico's high expectations leaked into their luggage. The boy has had a thrilling career playing in the first division with 16 years in the most awarded club and media, the America. His meteoric rise has meant a lesson for the Mexican youths who have been hampered his aspiration to leave as soon as possible to football in Europe in the last decade by the large number – 178 in the current tournament – of foreign soccer players. The leaders of Mexican clubs, meanwhile, have also truncated the export of players by valuing them at an exorbitant price. Lainez cost the Andalusian team 17.5 million dollars.

"I emphasize his imbalance, his good handling with both profiles, but what surprised me most was his character. I was just going to turn 17 and did not get smaller in the last third of the field! " Ricardo La Volpe to THE COUNTRY. The Argentine coach was the one who undertook to debut him when he was still a teenager in America. That decision became a tumult full of disbelief. Lainez responded to talent blow. Pure dribble and tenacity.

This Thursday, Diego Lainez scored his first goal: a fortuitous shot in the asphyxiating last minutes against the Rennes in the Europa League (3-3). It was, also, his first game in a European tournament. Although his true qualities are not only limited to the compilation videos of goals, but to that rhythm with which he carries the ball, the magnet capacity he has to receive all kinds of kicks and provoke faults in favor of his teammates. In the last game, he entered the game in the 27th minute due to Junior Firpo's injury. Since his landing, Lainez has been a starter in a couple of games: against Athletic in LaLiga and against Espanyol, in the quarterfinals of the Cup. He has added crucial minutes in his first season at the star level. In the league tournament he has played six times.

Lainez, congratulated at the end of the game.
Lainez, congratulated at the end of the game. AFP

"Sometimes he finds it difficult to locate, he has to correct things in terms of the positional aspect, but he does interesting things: he unbalances. He can give us many things like today with the goal. The first thing I thought was that I was going to focus. He has done well, for that we have brought him, to give us things and grow, "said Quique Setién at a press conference after the game. "He has a lot to learn when he plays as a flyer because he must also go back to defend well," he adds. La Volpe, your mentor.

Andrés Guardado, the other Mexican of Betis, has served as his escort. In each hard entry to Lainez, the experienced midfielder has come to safeguard it. In the Cup against Espanyol, the youth received the allegations and claims of a furious Víctor Sánchez who encouraged the Mexican to carry out a routine discussion of the blows. There was Guardado to protect him.

Lainez, also sheltered by one of Mexico's great talent fighters such as Jesús Ramírez, is championing a generation of footballers from his country who want to shine. In the PSV they shine Hirving Lozano and Érick Gutiérrez, while Raúl Jiménez, exjugador of the Athletic one, has found the route of the goal with the Wolverhampton in the Premier League. "Because of his age, he can be considered a great promise from Mexico, but he must get experience. He knows how to generate an aggressive offensive. He will not be a Messi yet, but he is left-handed, light-hearted and explosive. Must develop the ability to give the last pass, "explains La Volpe.

To the apprentice Diego Lainez, born in the new millennium, he still has a long process to refine his wit and on the way Mexico, eager for a phenomenon, is dazzled.

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