Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Diego Costa penalty for the referee's micro

Diego Costa penalty for the referee's micro

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Diego Costa is going to be sanctioned with eight matches, according to Cope, because there is an audio picked up by the referee's microphone and in which he is heard saying: "I shit on your fucking mother".

Atlético asked clarification to the referee of the Barça-Atlético, Gil Manzano, on the record. In it was collected that what Spanish-Brazilian striker said: "In the 28th minute the player (19) Da Silva Costa, Diego was expelled for the following reason: Address me loudly, in the following terms: 'I CAGO IN YOUR PUTA MADRE !!, I'M DOWN IN YOUR PUTA MADRE !! '".

And that does not coincide with what the television images show, in which Costa was seen saying: "The fucking mother who gave you (or me) gave birth". That difference in the insult was alleged Athletic to ask for a defect of form. Competition, in an unusual move, requested clarification from the referee and he has sent them with that audio.


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