June 15, 2021

Die For Rock & Roll “, the documentary that makes Dover resurface

Madrid, May 19 (EFE) .- “Dover: Die For Rock & Roll” is the documentary with which the musical group Dover wants to focus on the memory of the new generations and keep its spirit alive in those who followed its music.

A film focused on the music of Dover, which will be released on May 24 and that traces the trajectory of the Madrid band.

With the testimonies of founding members of the band, its components in different stages, producers, managers and journalists, the film will tell the story of Dover from before its formation in 1992 until November 2016, a journey that led them to publish after eight albums. study.

In addition to the band’s most popular events, the film will reveal unknown anecdotes to audiences from their tours and studio work.

“Dover: Die For Rock & Roll” aims to be a tribute to the group, as explained in a note by the producer of the documentary, Trimonkey, which will carry out a “crowdfunding” “to provide the documentary with all the necessary tools to be a success both public and critical “.


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