August 1, 2021

Die actor Scott Wilson, Hershel in 'The Walking Dead', TV Series – The Province

Die actor Scott Wilson, Hershel in 'The Walking Dead', TV Series - The Province

The actor Scott Wilson, known for giving life to Hershel Greene in the series 'The Walking Dead', has died at age 76 because of the leukemia he suffered. Just a few hours before the death, the producers of the AMC fiction had announced at the Comic-Con in New York that his character would return in the ninth season to dismiss Rick Grimes, protagonist played by Andrew Lincoln.

The fateful news of the interpreter, who participated three seasons of 'The Walking Dead', the chain itself reported from the official Twitter account of the series. In the statement they appreciate his great professionalism and, above all, his way of being with those around him. "Scott will always be remembered as a great actor and best person", begins.

"The character he played in 'The Walking Dead', Hershel, lived in the emotional core of the show. Our hearts are with his wife, family, friends and with the millions of followers who loved him, "he continues.

Also, some colleagues have wanted to say their most personal goodbye.

Scott Wilson was born in Atlanta in 1942 and from the beginning was clear that the interpretation was his great passion. So much so that he decided to abandon his studies at the university, in the sixties, to get his dream of being an actor, which led him to travel by hitchhiking from Georgia to Los Angeles.

Once in the big city of the west coast he made his big screen debut in 1967 with two films: The Heat of the Night (Norman Jewison), Oscar-winning film in which he gave life to the murder suspect Harvey Oberst, and in A sangre Cold (Richard Brooks), in which he played the pedophile and murderer Dick Hickock. Also, these two criminal roles opened the door to him The Great Gatsby in 1974 (Jack Clayton), where he continued as a murderer in the flesh of George Wilson.


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