Die actor Bruno Ganz, the Hitler of 'The Sink' | Culture

Die actor Bruno Ganz, the Hitler of 'The Sink' | Culture

The Swiss actor Bruno Ganz, famous for roles like that of Adolf Hitler in the controversial German movie Collapse, He died this Saturday at the age of 77 in his native Zürich, according to his agent.

Ganz was a carrier of the Ring of Iffland, which traditionally bears the one that has been considered the best actor in the German language at the time, and that his death must inherit another interpreter, so you should look for a successor.

Last year, doctors diagnosed that the actor suffered from intestinal cancer, so he began a course of chemotherapy that forced him to leave the stage, his last job being that of narrator in Mozart's opera. The magic Flute during the Salzburg Festival (Austria).

Born on March 22, 1941, from a Swiss father who worked as a mechanic and an Italian, Ganz developed his artistic career in film, television and theater in the German language for more than half a century.

Along with his leading role in Collapse, where he played a defeated Führer in his last days in the Berlin bunker, Ganz stood out for his roles in films by Wim Wenders as The American friend, So far, so close or The sky over Berlin.

Outside the cinema in German, Ganz was at the orders of cinemas such as Francis Ford Coppola or Ridley Scott, he participated in famous films like The Manchu candidate, The Reader or Unknown and also worked in French or Italian film productions.


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