April 14, 2021

Did you take your child to daycare in 2018? You only have until February to request a deduction | Economy

Did you take your child to daycare in 2018? You only have until February to request a deduction | Economy

Necessity and economic sacrifice usually coincide when it comes to send children to daycare. But this year working mothers with children under three years will have one more help, as an increase in the deduction for maternity begins to apply up to 1,000 euros for expenses related to this chapter.

This new fiscal benefit was already included in the General State Budgets for 2018 and will have to be requested by the nurseries or authorized educational centers where the children are enrolled, and not the parents. To do so, they have until February 15, the deadline to be able to benefit from this tax novelty in the 2018 rent campaign, which starts in April of this year.

To whom?

This state deduction up to 1,000 euros per year is directed to all those women who are discharged as workers self-employed or salaried, regardless of their income, and had one or more children between zero and three years enrolled in day care centers or schools authorized in 2018.

The aid is also recognized if the child had already turned three years of age during the past fiscal year while attending one of these facilities -this is the case of children born in the first half of the year-, since the deduction is applied until the month before the start of the second cycle of early childhood education.

How is it requested?

Are the day care centers and authorized children centers who must process the deduction through model 233. Here they must indicate the data of the parents and children (names, surnames, NIF), in addition to the full months during which the child has been enrolled in installation. The parents will not have to present any additional document or proof to benefit from the deduction.

At what expenses does it apply?

Specifically, this tax benefit refers to the expenses related to "registration and enrollment, attendance, general and extended hours, and food", details the Tax Agency, and only applies to the amounts paid by taxpayers who are in charge of the minor.

This means that any subsidized amounts (which must be specified in a specific field of the model) or paid as compensation in kind by the company where the parent works (which are subtracted from the payroll each month by reducing their amount) do not fall into the computation. facing the income statement).

How long can it be ordered?

This year the deadline for requesting the deduction – which began on January 1 and added to the deduction of 1,200 euros per year for working mothers with children under three years of age- it is open until February 15th in an exceptional way. The Tax Agency clarifies that, in the coming years, the application period will end in the month of January.


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