Did you know that "who knows how to manage a child's tantrum knows how to manage a labor conflict?"

"It is not so difficult to have children and reconcile work and family life". This is how round it is Helena Guardans, a businesswoman who founded her own company in 1994 and who today, in addition to being a director of several companies, is the president of Webhelp and author of the book 'Everything I learned from my kids and they didn't teach me in business school'.

Moreover, for Helena, motherhood can be useful in decision-making positions to gain perspective on what is important and what is not. “A boss who has children treats his employees differently. It is easier to understand, have empathy and manage situations differently”. He also believes that “who knows how to manage a child's tantrum, knows how to manage a labor conflict” and although “in a child it is easier to detect”, the adult “does the same but in a more discreet way”.

However Guardans is aware motherhood also muddies, in part, their professional development. "Women have the responsibility" of caring for the children "and men help." “There is a very important difference. It has not yet been overcome ". Although he considers that women have a lot to do in this. "When you ask your partner to help you with something, you don't let him do his own thing either." “It's like in companies. It is important to delegate and empower ”.

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