Did Ryanair force its pilots and crew to sleep on the floor of an airport?

Tripulantes «durmiendo» en el aeropuerto de Málaga


A few days ago, the workers' organizations leaked to the media a photograph with which they claimed to denounce the "degrading treatment offered by Ryanair to its employees". In the image you could see several pilots and cabin crew (TCP) of the low-cost lying on the ground of an airport.

According to the unions, they were employees who had had to sleep thirteen hours in the crews' room. airport of Malaga due to the recent storms in Portugal, which had complicated air traffic. From USO it was criticized that the airline had not sought accommodation "in the more than 88,000 hotel beds" that exist in Malaga.

Only a few hours later, Ryanair He pointed out that the image, which had run like wildfire on social networks, was false. In fact, the crew "spent a short period of time in the crew room before being transferred to a VIP room, and returned to Oporto the next day."

The counterattack of the company did not stop there. This Wednesday, Ryanair posted to his account Twitter a video made by the airport cameras in which it could be verified that, effectively, the photo was a montage. In it you can see how the crew of the company did not sleep on the ground, but lay on it intentionally to take the picture.

The union has assured that the photograph came from a "reliable source". Further, complaint that the recording is taken at the airport facilities and it is part of their security system, so "they can not be made public".

In the same way, the union insists that the recording does not include "how or where 24 members of the crews had to sleep, rest or eat during all the time they stayed in those facilities "and that Ryanair has" breached the legislation when not providing accommodation for their crews ".


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