April 14, 2021

Dick Miller, actor of Gremlins and Terminator, dies at 90

Dick Miller, actor of Gremlins and Terminator, dies at 90

The American actor Dick Miller, known for giving life to Murray Futterman in the horror classic 'Gremlins' by Joe Dante, has died at 90 years of age due to natural causes, has communicated his family. With six decades of career behind him, the veteran performer participated in more than one hundred titles, among which 'Terminator', 'Fame' or 'A bucket of blood'.

Miller began his career on the big screen in the 1950s with legendary director and producer Roger Corman. The filmmaker signed the actor to play Walter Paisley, a character he would re-embody throughout his career, in the cult film 'A Blood Cube' in 1959. Later he would embark on other projects with front-line directors such as James Cameron, Ernest Dickerson, Martin Scorsese, John Sayles and, the aforementioned Joe Dante

In 1984, Miller played in James Cameron's 'Terminator', the store clerk. That same year, he played Murray Futterman in the horror comedy 'Gremlins', directed by Joe Dante. Two years later, he appeared in the cult film of 1986 'Terror knocks at his door'.

After knowing the fateful news, Dante has remembered the actor in the social network Twitter, referring to Miller as one of the "most precious collaborators". "I grew up watching Dick Miller in the films of the 50s and was delighted to have him in my first film for Roger Corman," he wrote.



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