July 12, 2020

DiCaprio and Schwarzenegger launch 500 projects to decarbonize the planet

Environmental organizations founded by actors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Leonardo DiCaprio and the Capital Cities coalition against Climate Change (CC35) will undertake in Latin America some 500 projects for "decarbonization of the planet" with a budget of more than 5,000 million dollars.

"This historic movement, with a local focus and global impact, responds to a key issue for Latin America and the Caribbean: new financial mechanisms in the face of climate change," CC35 Secretary General Sebastián Navarro told Efe on Tuesday.

The initiative coincides with the recent announcement by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, who has initiated the formal process to withdraw the country from the Paris Agreement.

The treaty, which is the largest binding pact in the face of the climate crisis and that establishes a global plan of action to limit global warming, urges governments, among other measures, to keep the global average temperature below two degrees with regarding preindustrial levels.

Faced with this challenge, the coalition aims to "lay the foundations for decarbonization through new financial mechanisms", and will finance innovative projects based on renewable energy, energy efficiency, mobility, construction, water treatment or waste management.

According to Navarro, the mission of this organization "is to connect cities with large amounts of resources" to boost green development and join in "a struggle that goes beyond any political color."

CC35 is a coalition formed by the authorities of the capital cities of the Americas and will function as an accelerator for subnational projects.

Within the framework of the next UN climate summit (COP25), which will be held in Spain in December, CC35 will seek to officially initiate the initiative.

Through the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, the actor has recently positioned himself as a staunch defender of the planet in the face of climate change, considering it "the most urgent threat facing the human being", as he said during the ceremony of The Oscar Awards.

More recently, the actor met with 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg in Los Angeles and praised the young woman's work through Instagram, in which she called her "having become the leader of our time."

Schwarzenegger, former governor of California and founder of the global R20 organization, also joined this CC35 project, which will put the resources in the hands of private companies willing to execute the innovative projects of between 5 and 50 million dollars.

Each one must be in one of the following topics: Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, E-Mobility, Eco-construction with passivhaus standard (passive house), water treatment and waste management with an impact on cities.

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