Díaz says that "technically" the labor reform cannot be repealed and confirms that the dismissal will not touch



The Second Vice President and Minister of Labor and Social Economy, Yolanda Díaz, assured this Wednesday that "Technically" the labor reform cannot be repealed and has confirmed that the new rule in which the Government and social agents work is not going to "touch" the days of severance pay that the PP approved in 2012.

«Technically, can the labor reform of the Popular Party be repealed? No, because it was an expansive reform that affected more than 20 precepts of the Workers' Statute, several royal decrees and directives, ”the vice president clarified in an interview in La Sexta, collected by Europa Press, a day after the press release. Executive in which the commitment was expressed "with the repeal of the labor reform in the terms of the coalition agreement and the Recovery Plan" sent to the European Commission.

Previously, Díaz has indicated that the intention of his department is make labor legislation that goes "much further" of the repeal and he recalled that the reform of the PP caused, in his opinion, "a huge devaluation of wages, unbalanced the bargaining power of workers and employers" and made Spain a country "with a precarious job."

According to the minister, since the Rajoy Executive approved the labor reform in 2012, "more than 180 million contracts" have been registered in the SEPE, something that, in her opinion, "does not happen in any country." “One in four of them (contracts) have a duration of less than seven days. This is impossible for a contemporary democracy and it alienates us from Europe ”, he said.

Thus, it has reiterated that the Government will change "some rules" of the royal decree but "they are going to do much more", because the reform will be "very ambitious" that will make "the Spain of the future". "We have to change a way of life that is precarious," he said.

Asked if the compensation for unfair dismissal is going to be increased in the regulation after the request of some Government partners, such as ERC or More Country, the vice president has replied that this point is not going to be addressed. «We are not going to touch the dismissal. It is a balanced reform ”, he indicated.

Díaz explained that the Ministry of Labor works on "temporality, the rebalancing of the bargaining power between unions and employers" and "subcontracting." Regarding dismissal,Díaz has denied assignments to businessmen, because it is a "balanced reform" that complies with the agreement between the coalition partners.

«The reform of the PP was extremely aggressive and this Government is going to act in the most urgent and necessary thing, which is the modernization of the labor market through collective bargaining, temporary employment, training, the new ERTE and active employment policies. employment ”, has settled.

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