Díaz, Oltra and Colau organize a joint event in Valencia in the process of building a left-wing alternative

Yolanda Díaz, Mónica Oltra, Ada Colau and Mónica García will participate in an event on November 13 to discuss their political experience, as advanced by El Periódico de España and has confirmed elDiario.es. The event is promoted by the Valencià Country Initiative, one of Compromís' legs, and until now the organization had not made public the date of the event.

Yolanda Díaz recognizes that the Government has given a bad image in the fight for the labor reform but says that "is settled"

Yolanda Díaz recognizes that the Government has given a bad image in the fight for the labor reform but says that "it is settled"

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With the political project that Díaz is working on on the horizon, this coming Saturday four politicians from progressive formations will meet to "propose that there is another way of doing politics," explain sources familiar with the organization of the meeting. "This act is an act without acronyms," add the same sources. In this event there will be no presence of representatives of Podemos, the formation next to which Díaz governs. From the environment of the vice president they have been ensuring for weeks that "the event that Compromís is organizing is totally unrelated to the project" of Díaz.

The objective of this debate to be held in Valencia is to bring together the second vice president of the Government, the vice president of the Valencian Generalitat, the mayor of Barcelona and the leader of the opposition in the Madrid Assembly to present their experiences policies.

"We are simply going to sit down and listen to each other, talk about ideas, that is the question. What comes next I don't know, but the spirit is not that: it is listening," said Oltra when asked about this event. On Díaz's leadership, Colau highlighted in a conference held in Congress that the Minister of Labor represents the "hope" of "bringing together many different people" who "want" that the "institutions are at the service of the people." , prioritizing people and fundamental rights.

Díaz does not clarify her political future when asked about this matter. This Wednesday she remained uncertain when asked in an interview in La Sexta. "If I thought that I was going to present myself to the elections, I would say so. I am not in it," he said. "It is not about names. It is not about egos. It is not about parties," he pointed out. He advocates a space in which "Spanish society is the protagonist". "I have a debate with my own father who thinks that it can only be done with a game behind him. I don't have a party, it's true," he added. The first step to achieve the objective of the second vice president is to open a period "of conversation" with the public, in which her team is focused.


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