Díaz obtains the support of Sánchez to intervene in the price of the shopping basket

Díaz obtains the support of Sánchez to intervene in the price of the shopping basket

Although criticism of the measure is reproduced in private, in public the Government closes ranks regarding the idea of ​​​​the vice president Yolanda Diaz to implement a maximum price for different products in the shopping basket. The Minister of Territorial Policy and spokesperson for the Executive, Isabel Rodríguez, highlighted in the press conference produced after the Council of Ministers that Pedro Sánchez agrees with this initiative, which has sparked criticism from distribution employers.

Yolanda Díaz has insisted on the need to implement this initiative. In her words, this limit would be “legal” and will take as a reference the limit that France implemented in 2011, under the mandate of Nicolás Sarkozy. “The president is fully focused on tackling inflation, the country's main problem. We are studying measures that are legal and have had good effects in France. It would be an agreement«, explained Díaz.

"It goes according to the logic of this Government, which wants to reach an agreement with the distributors and consumers," said Díaz, who, however, did not want to clarify whether the Minister of Agriculture, Luis Planas, knew of his intention to carry out this measure. In previous statements, Planas has questioned the implementation of maximum and minimum prices for products.

The uncertain future of the MidCat

The Minister of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, explained at the press conference that she will maintain an "exchange of proposals" with other European countries at the meeting of energy ministers that will take place this Friday. "There are some issues that are clear for proposals and we have to see what the best solutions will be to decouple the price of gas from electricity," explained Ribera.

Regarding France's rejection of the MidCat gas pipeline with Spain, the minister assured that we must "have a debate" on this matter and France must be "listened to", "its alternatives and its difficulties".

The minister stated that there have been price increases of 800% in basic foodstuffs and therefore this limit is of vital importance for the country "and for the president of the Government«. For her part, the Government spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, has affirmed that it is "very important" to make an effort for a pedagogy focused on giving families peace of mind.

"On many occasions political debates do not interest anyone, but at this time, when they affect things to eat, families are attentive to what we say to each other and, in this case, it is very important to do this exercise in pedagogy to convey to the citizens, as the president did in the debate on the State of the Nation, that whatever the adversity, they will have the protection of their Government", he pointed out.

Regarding the rise in the minimum wage, the vice president has not clarified how much it would have to rise, and has recalled that the group of experts still has to complete the work that will determine the rise in the SMI. The vice president assures that the Bank of Spain itself has spoken of the importance of the minimum wage to combat poverty, despite the fact that the institution has remarked on several occasions that this measure has a negative impact on employment.

Regarding the decree that will allow domestic workers to collect unemployment benefits, which has been approved in the Council of Ministers this Tuesday, Díaz has assured that it allows “expulsion of withdrawal from the legal system and we give ordinary protection in case of dismissal.”

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