Díaz fights back and assures that “repealing the labor reform is not a slogan”




The Second Vice President and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, has stated during the closing of the General Assembly of RUGE – UGT (Ugetista Revolution – UGT) held this Thursday that «Repealing the labor reform is not a slogan and that, from the first minute, we are committed to an agreement of all within the social dialogue». An affirmation that occurs hours after the First Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs announced a new proposal to reduce the temporality within the pulse that both ministers maintain. This is preceded by some demonstrations by Díaz, late yesterday, in which he assured that he was going to “Promote the greatest reform of the labor market” and on the term repeal he assured that he was not exiled. In his opinion, the changes that are being prepared imply “repealing some parts of the PP labor reform and transforming others.”

Díaz has asserted, in statements to the media before his speech before RUGE-UGT, that “it is about put an end to the rules that promote seasonality and precariousness ». In his opinion, the same results will be obtained “if we continue with the reform that has degraded working conditions with more precariousness and poverty”, in reference to the current labor legislation. “We are going to comply with the government agreement,” he emphasized.

Asked about the temporality, she has valued the role of social agents and asked on several occasions “discretion” around how much is negotiated between unions and employers. «We share the diagnosis: the temporary employment figures in Spain are 26.3%, we are a european anomaly and it is the main problem that our country has together with unemployment and inequality. In this sense, he has stated that this is “the first time in a democracy that social agents have done it.”

Back to causation?

On the possible mechanisms that are being considered, Díaz has not wanted to specify but has speculated on several possibilities that would be on the table of the social agents: «There are countries that choose to set a limit, there are formulations that are being worked on on whether to do so in collective bargaining and there is a proposal on which we all agree, which is return to causality. That is to say, that the ordinary contract is indefinite and that it will be necessary to justify when a temporary contract is used ”, the second vice president has specified, who added that everything related to sanctions must also be addressed. «There are many formulas in which the social agents together with the ministry are working for an agreement, “the minister closed without further details.

For his part, the general secretary of UGT Pepe Álvarez has ensured that there are two elements around temporality: providing greater human and technical resources to the work inspection and regarding the sanctions that do not comply with the regulations. «They must have a table of penalties that ‘helps’ them to make the decision to comply with labor laws ”, said the Ugetista leader who hopes that a formula will be agreed that can be evaluated to establish whether it works or not.

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