Sat. Apr 4th, 2020

Díaz explains that they voted against transferring funds for a transaction with Vox

The spokeswoman for Galicia in Common, Yolanda Díaz, has justified this Friday that the United We Can Group voted against a non-PP proposal to urge the Government to take the necessary measures so that the autonomous communities receive the funds they receive. they are owed because it included a transaction with Vox that made support "unfeasible."

The congress rejected this week the proposal not of law of the PP, that finally was transacted with Citizens and Vox, reason why United We voted against although it shares the necessity of which Treasury releases the 7.200 million that correspond to the autonomies and asks An immediate solution.

"We present initiatives in this regard therefore no doubt about the need for the account updates to be delivered," Diaz said in the face of criticism from the PPdeG that accused Galicia in Common of not defending Galicia.

Yolanda Díaz has insisted on justifying her group's refusal to the parliamentary initiative since it incorporated two Vox amendments that "made voting in favor impossible" because they included a "conception of autonomous financing and the deeply reactionary and centralist state."

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