Díaz-Canel congratulates the survivor of a plane crash in Cuba

Díaz-Canel congratulates the survivor of a plane crash in Cuba

The president of Cuba, Miguel Diaz-Canel, today congratulated the young Cuban Mailén Díaz, the only survivor of the air disaster that on May 18 caused the death of 112 people in Havana.

"All of Cuba celebrates with you, with affection and appreciation we wish you a happy day," the Cuban president wrote on his Twitter account.

On this same date, the sister of the survivor, Mailin Díaz, published in her Facebook account the first photos of the young woman after the accident in which she suffered serious injuries, which still keep her in the Hermanos Ameijeiras hospital in Havana, where the treatment for recovery continues.

Mailén Díaz is seen in the images with a black blouse in mourning for the death of the rest of the passengers who were traveling in the plane crashed.

"A day like today but in 1998 our Queen Mailen Díaz Almaguer was born and now our Cuban warrior, sister doll we wish all of you that we love you a beautiful and happy day, I know that in these last months you have had to go through very hard things and sad, "said his sister.

He also encourages her to continue "so beautiful and with that smile and that joy that motivates you to continue every day forward, may God fill you every minute with his power and bless you forever, amen."

A week ago, Mailén had sent his first message through Facebook in which he stated that every day is better and thanked "all the people who have worried, the doctors, nurses, those people who have contributed in a way or another "in their recovery and have helped" with their prayers and good thoughts, my family in particular.

A multidisciplinary team assists the young patient in her recovery, although the public medical parts about her condition that were periodically disseminated during the first months after the accident have stopped being issued.

The last one corresponds to last October 20 and it indicated, among other data, that the patient continued "the process of recovery and stabilization of organ functions, oral nutrition and infection control" and that its Emotional state and level of cooperation were "adequate".

On May 18, a Boeing 737-200 plane leased by Cubana de Aviación to the Mexican company Global Air crashed minutes after taking off from Havana airport to the city of Holguín (some 700 kilometers to the east), shocking all over the country, unaccustomed to tragedies of this kind.

The accident left 112 dead, 101 Cubans and 11 foreigners: seven Mexicans -including the six members of the crew and one tourist-, two Argentines and two Sahrawis living on the island, one of whom also had Spanish nationality.

Only three women arrived alive at the hospital, all Cuban, and two of them died in the following days, which left Mailén Díaz as the sole survivor of the dramatic event.

At the moment the causes of the accident are not known, which are investigated by a commission led by the Cuban aeronautical authorities with the participation of American, Mexican and European experts, in addition to the company Boeing, manufacturer of the wrecked device.


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