Díaz-Canel calls the shooting at the Cuban embassy in the US an “act of hatred”

The President of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, affirmed this Friday that the shooting that occurred yesterday against the Cuban Embassy in Washington is an “act of hatred” and considered that this action is “consistent” with the “hostility” of the US administration against your country.

“Terrorist attack on #EmbaCubaUS is an act of hatred, consistent with hostility from the US administration towards #Cuba,” the Cuban president said in a message on his Twitter account.

To this he added that “not sharing with the attacked country all the information is equivalent to tolerance and relives the history of terrorism versus #Cuba. (We will continue) Serene and firm.”

The incident took place early Thursday morning, when a man later identified as Alexander Alazo, a 42-year-old citizen of the town of Aubrey, Texas, allegedly shot an assault rifle at the Cuban embassy in Washington.

Until now, the Washington police authorities have not released any more information about the event, which did not cause harm to the Cuban mission personnel, some ten officials who were at the time in the diplomatic compound, according to the island’s foreign minister. , Bruno Rodríguez.

The shooting did leave bullet wounds on the building’s facade, reopened as an embassy in July 2015 after the reestablishment of relations between the two nations that had remained without those ties for almost 60 years.

In another tweet published today, the President of Cuba stated that “Neither blockade (embargo), nor attacks, will intimidate us or stop our advance.”


Yesterday, Thursday, the head of diplomacy of the Caribbean country summoned the Chargé d’affaires of the United States in Havana, Mara Tekach, to whom she transmitted a protest by the Cuban Government for what had happened.

During a subsequent intervention on state television, Rodríguez explained that he broadcast to Tekach his “strongest protest” about the incident and publicly demanded that the US government conduct a “thorough and prompt” investigation.

He also considered that the aggression “has been encouraged by the growing hostile rhetoric” towards Cuba of the Administration of President Donald Trump, and regretted that, twelve hours after the shooting, the US authorities they would not have contacted the Cubans to address the event.

The head of the US mission on the island, Mara Tekach, posted on Twitter her “condemnation” of the shooting, noting that “the US takes its responsibilities to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations very seriously and insists on a full investigation. and deep. ”

Bilateral relations between Havana and Washington are currently going through one of the most tense and complicated stages since detente with the diplomatic “thaw” led by former presidents Raúl Castro and Barack Obama between 2014 and 2016, when the reopening of their respective embassies.

The arrival of President Donald Trump at the White House has once again truncated the bilateral relationship, since his administration has reversed the policy of approaching his predecessor and also tightened the embargo that the United States has with new sanctions. maintains for sixty years on the island.

USA it justifies this dismantling of the bilateral “thaw” in the supposed logistical and intelligence support that Cuba provides to the Government of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela.

Mysterious health incidents that affected about twenty of its diplomats in Havana, for reasons still unexplained, motivated the US government to decide two years ago to close its Consulate on the island and order the departure of most of its embassy personnel .

At this time, the US mission in Cuba operates at the level of charge d’affaires because that country’s Congress has not yet appointed an ambassador, while Cuba does maintain an ambassador in Washington.


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