Mon. Dec 9th, 2019

Díaz Ayuso's ten commitments in the investiture debate

These are the ten commitments acquired by the PP candidate for the Presidency of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, in her inauguration speech on the first day of the plenary session in the regional Parliament.

– "Zero tolerance" against corruption.

– The "largest tax reduction in history" in the region with a decrease in all sections of personal income tax that will lead to pay up to 5.5 percent less of this tax.

– A Ministry of Justice, Interior and Victims of Terrorism to "stand up to those who intend to misrepresent history and stain their memory."

– The extension of Metro line 3, which will allow a new connection of Madrid with line 12 (Metro Sur), and the construction of the exchanger in Conde de Casal to connect with the extension of Line 11 in Elliptical Square.

– The extension of school hours and centers from zero to three years to favor the reconciliation of personal, family and work life.

– The educational centers must announce the extracurricular themes that contain the main workshops and talks.

– Ending health tourism in the region and reducing health waiting lists by half.

– Fight "against machismo and any abuse or discrimination", but "not against men".

– Implement a plan whereby places in Community residences will be reserved so that the elderly who are in charge of adult children with disabilities can be together.

– Promote a Pact for the Science of the Community of Madrid.

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