July 2, 2020

Díaz Ayuso spreads doubts about pollution damage while defending the use of the car without restrictions

The statements of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, on air pollution in which she stated that “nobody has died of this either”, reaffirm the line followed for some time by this policy of the PP to deal with air pollution: do not deny frontally that there is a problem, but downplay: “Pollution we do not like,” he said, but “it is not going to die people. As stated many times, I think it’s not real. ”

Science historian Naomi Oreskes has explained in her analysis Merchants of Doubt that this line of action – used by deniers from the addiction created by tobacco, acid rain to climate change – is “a story about selling uncertainty to avoid regulation.”

Oreskes argues that these deniers have acted against the regulation to “protect the free market” on the grounds that “civil liberties and market freedom are inseparably linked because the only way to control the markets is to control the people who act in it.” .

The point is that Isabel Díaz Ayuso has been reluctant to regulate the traffic of polluting vehicles to reduce air pollution levels despite the fact that the own Emissions Inventory of the General Directorate of the Environment of the Community of Madrid now chaired by Ayuso indicates that, of the 50,000 tons of nitrogen oxides released in the community in 2017, about 40,000 correspond to “road traffic”.

So reluctant as to, in 2018, affirm that the protocol against pollution peaks developed by the Madrid City Council was a strategy to “control our lives and tell us when and how we have to move or enter Madrid. They want to end freedom and everyday life in cities. ”

On that occasion, the market argument exploded with full splendor: Thus “neither people will want to come to the center or consume, or buy, or undertake, or receive visits or anything,” Diaz Ayuso said.

Already being a candidate for the presidency of the Community of Madrid, Díaz Ayuso said on April 24 that the Madrid Central low emission zone had fulfilled, according to his criteria, one of the essences of the city by avoiding traffic congestion. Despite not being “a reason for enjoyment,” they are “a hallmark of the city, that the street is alive,” he explained. “The traffic jam when you go out for dinner is not the worst one. It was part of the life of Madrid, “he summed up.

The PP policy has now muted the scientific evidence by stating this 2020 that “I do not want to create a public health alarm because there is none.” The Madrid president already slipped, without specifying, during the Climate Summit in Madrid last December that “one day we will know what is behind the weather emergencies”. Ayuso illustrated his anti-pollution method on January 1: “The important thing is that more and more people use public transport because they want to.”

In the city of Madrid, the PP government team itself admitted in Your Air Quality Plan 2009-2015 that 65% of nitrogen oxide emissions had the same origin: traffic. And that the main problem was to stop the nitrogen dioxide (NOtwo) whose levels exceed the legal limits since 2010. “The City Council is aware that the main challenge is to further increase the reduction of emissions … in a very special way of traffic,” they left in writing.

Ten years later, popular president Díaz Ayuso said in her interview on the first day of 2020 that the problem of pollution “we have to gradually stop it”, despite the fact that almost a decade has already been completed, exceeding the thresholds set in the law and that, for this reason, the European Commission has brought Spain before the European courts for breaching the regulations.

New denialist speeches

The new denialist speeches in environmental matters in Spain they have chosen to link environmental policies with a supposed hidden agenda of “communism”. Ayuso herself affirmed about the measures in the face of episodes of high pollution two years ago that “here behind is an ideological attack”. The PP maintained that it was “an attack on the freedom of mobility of mobility of Madrid” to prohibit some cars circulating in the city when the toxic NOtwo will reach certain thresholds.

Shortly after the president of the Community of Madrid spoke, her campaign advisor, Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, defended her by saying on twitter: “Remember that Communism not only seeks professional destruction, but personal annihilation.” And he repeated that “the communism that governs us” is “owner” of the CSIC.

I said it because he Higher Council of Scientific Research had denied the claims of its adviser. He did not comment on the content of the comments of the CSIC – which linked in a thread of tweets studies on the subject – but on the fact that they reacted on January 1 (the date on which they were issued in the Chain Be the opinions of Ayuso About pollution).


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