Díaz Ayuso asks to consider the "unborn child" as a member of the family | Society

Díaz Ayuso asks to consider the "unborn child" as a member of the family | Society

In video, Isabel Díaz Ayuso asks to consider the "unborn child" as a member of the family. Europa Press

The candidate of the PP to the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has proposed to consider the "unborn child" as another member of the family unit, so that it is taken into account when applying for school or processing the title of large family. The popular has made these proposals within its measures of support for the family, among which has also announced its intention that large families of special category (from the fourth child) keep it until the last of his children "leave from home and emancipated. "

A similar proposal was approved by the PP in the Valencian Community in 2009, when Francisco Camps governed with Juan Cotino as vice president. With that text, which responded to the reform of the law of abortion, the fetuses began to count as much as the children when it came to obtaining a place in nurseries, schools and institutes financed with public funds, as well as for the qualification of a large family. In 2016, the Constitutional Court endorsed the rule. But nevertheless, the plenary session of the Valencian Parliament repealed the law in 2017, with the votes of PSPV, Compromís and Podemos, considering that it constitutes "a discrimination and a tutoring" of women.

During the last few months, the party's president, Pablo Casado, has proposed a law to support motherhood to ensure that all public institutions "put more resources and fiscal and social measures" to favor more births. Although the popular leader has given up on his program the reform of the abortion law, two weeks ago, his star signing, Adolfo Suárez Illana, he returned it fully to the present by saying that "Neanderthals also used it, but they waited for him to be born and cut off his head ", statements he had to retract.

Diaz Ayuso has not clarified if the concessions for the "unborn child" would be withdrawn if there was a problem and the baby was not born. "I have not thought about it (...) I do not have it clear, I think not, at the time of requesting a place, obviously not, but at the time of issuing the title, I will weigh it", he said at an informative breakfast, Díaz Ayuso .

The Spanish legal system has been born for all the effects that were favorable, provided that it was born alive and had been detached from the mother's womb, according to articles 29 and 30 of the Civil Code: "The birth determines the personality, but the conceived is considered born for all effects that are favorable, provided that it is born in the conditions expressed in the following article." Article 30 reads: "For civil purposes, only the fetus that had a human figure and lives 24 hours entirely detached from the womb will be considered born." This is so, for example so that a child can inherit posthumously.

The popular candidate explained that this proposal comes after meeting with representatives of large families who have indicated that when requesting places in the following courses and ask for the title "the unborn child does not exist." "The idea would be that once a woman is pregnant, her son enjoys full rights of all the tax benefits and benefits that can be had for large families and special category," he said.

Regarding the large families of special category (from the fourth child), Díaz Ayuso has proposed that "until the last child leaves home" they can continue to receive "that help that society owes them so much".


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