Díaz asks Casado to calm down and replace the noise with proposals

Díaz asks Casado to calm down and replace the noise with proposals

The president of the Board, Susana Diaz, has asked the national president of the PP, Pablo Casado, to replace the noise and the "channeling" with which the Andalusian pre-campaign has started by proposals and to defend its management without insulting.

The Andalusian president has made these considerations to journalists' questions during an event in Benalúa (Granada) and after the national leader of the popular ones has encrypted in one billion the public money that Andalusia has spent on "revelry and prostitution".

In the session of control to the Government in the Congress, the leader of the PP has affirmed that "yesterday Mrs. Diaz threw to him that the Andalusians did not deserve the political instability of Spain and was right". "What Díaz did not say is that they do not deserve 1,000 million of misappropriated aid that ends up in shellfishes, cocaine, partying and prostitutes."

On the second day of the pre-campaign for the regional elections, Díaz has asked the PP, "and especially Casado," to calm down and be able to put initiatives on the table and has also demanded that he do so with respect to the Andalusians.

"People are tired of tension and so much noise," stressed Diaz, who has regretted not having heard yet any initiative of the PP with which to improve the lives of citizens.

He has advocated a positive campaign, in which each party defends its proposals without insulting anyone to offer solutions and tools to improve the quality of life of the Andalusians.

"I ask Mr. Casado to abandon the insult, the defense of attacking the adversary", summarized the Andalusian president, who has reiterated that people are tired of "insults and confrontations, of the channeling that they like to resort to when despair is great ", has summarized in reference to the PP.

On the other hand, the president of the Board has refused to comment on the appropriateness of a motion of censure in Catalonia and has requested that those who hold the representation of citizens and have therefore legitimacy, act but within the framework of the rules.

"The same respect that I ask for Andalusia is the one that I apply to the rest of the country," said Díaz.


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