April 18, 2021

Dia's forensic audit found emails proving irregular practices | Companies

Dia's forensic audit found emails proving irregular practices | Companies

The forensic investigation carried out on the accounts of Dia, and that it has carried out in the last weeks EY, found emails that would prove the indications of irregular practices that the group of supermarkets has denounced before the Fiscalia, as it recognized the company.

During the investigation, advanced by Five days that same Friday, the forensic specialists of EY carried out individual interviews with the people investigated, and also undertook the registration of dozens of computers and the intervention of thousands of crossed emails between "Employees and senior managers of Spain and Brazil, (including some of the previous members of the Company's top management) bypassing the internal controls established by the group ", as the company itself reflects in the 2018 accounts.

In the analysis of these emails, researchers have found messages that would reveal the intention of their senders to hide information deliberately, both to the board of directors and to the auditors and shareholders, as confirmed by sources close to the company. The investigation, on the other hand, has not detected unregistered cash outflows. The bringing the case to the Office of the Prosecutor It supposes the beginning of a judicial process in which Dia could claim criminal responsibilities.

At the moment, the results of the report have already had the first effects on the operation of the company, both because of the dismissals of the people involved and because of the effectiveness of the internal controls of the company.

In its corporate governance report, Dia explains that, as a consequence of this case, "it will proceed to review and, where appropriate, to implement some internal policies and procedures in order to further strengthen its internal control ", although it argues that it has" adequate and diligent internal control systems ", with which it" has adopted and will continue to adopt the disciplinary and legal measures it deems appropriate in the face of irregular behavior, in accordance with the company's compliance policies and current regulations. "

Initially, the company spoke of "overestimates"In the commercial discounts to be received from suppliers when explaining the restatement of their 2017 accounts, but did not enter to assess whether they were the result of management errors or fraudulent behavior and ordered the forensic audit to clarify it.

This has not caused a new review of the impact of these irregular practices on the company's balance sheet. These amounted to nearly 68.3 million in fiscal year 2017, of which 7.8 million impacted the profit figure and 60.5 million in the reserves.

84 complaints for breaching the code of ethics

Investigation. The annual report of the financial year 2018 introduces a novelty: the number of complaints received and resolved at the end of the year for behaviors that are contrary to the company's code of ethics. During the past year, the group received a total of 84 complaints, 51 of them in Brazil, a country where forensic investigation has focused part of their work. Of the total, 60 were filed and 24 resolved, or are still in the process of being. In the Brazilian case 12 were resolved and 49 were filed. In Spain, seven complaints were filed, of which four were filed. As the accounts show, one worker was dismissed for breach of the code of ethics and two are pending resolution.


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