‘Diana: Princess of the Amazons’: this is the childhood of ‘Wonder Woman’

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‘Diana: Princess of the Amazons’.

What do we know about the childhood of superheroes? Well, rather little, and that is why ‘Diana: Princess of the Amazons’ is a good reading for young and old, because it immerses us in the childhood of ‘Wonder Woman’, that superheroine who now monopolizes the screens of cinemas.

And those in charge of introducing us to a little Diana, as this powerful woman is called, are Shannon Hale and Dean Hale, a best-selling American couple who firmly believe that “children deserve to see superheroes as children,” they tell Efe in an interview on the occasion of this book published in Spain by the Hidra publishing house.

A comic that presents a story about how to overcome mistakes that, why not, can make us heroes. Although of course, the mistake in that case is made by a young ‘Wonder Woman’ to whom neither her mother nor the rest of the inhabitants of Temiscira, that location in the DC universe where the immortal warriors live, they let her do what she likes the most, fight.

In this case, the Hales directly address the children’s audience and show a Diana playing ball, looking for animals or spying on her aunts, “white games”, because for them the games do not belong to “a single genre” says Shannon.

But although the comic is childishThese vignettes, they assert, also aim to “understand more” superheroes as we know them, that is, as adults, with all their developed powers.

“We are very used to seeing superheroes as competent adults, but of course they were all children once, as are all of us. Above all, I think it is a fascinating storytelling tool. What would our favorite superheroes have been like? As kids? “Shannon wonders.

Also, in this work, the values ​​are presentBecause if there is something in each of the superheroes that populate our imagination, they are values, those for which they fight to the point of exhaustion with the sole objective of saving us from the really bad bad guys.

For this reason, this marriage narrator of the lives of the little heroes with powers considers that these characters are, “despite all their powers”, “characters with both positive and negative attributes”, because they not only have a bright side, but another dark that tortures them.

The characters are more interesting and they create the best stories when they are flawed, just like all humans. ‘Wonder Woman’ was certainly an aspiration for me as a child. I hope that seeing young Diana as a fairly normal girl helps young readers to see the superhero potential in them too, “asks Dean.

And it is that this author, who along with his wife has become a best-seller in the United States with the children’s comic “The princess in black”, loves “all superheroes”, but especially to ‘Wonder Woman’.

“She is special to me because she didn’t accidentally become a hero, she chose him, she became the heroine she becomes because of the choices she makes. And characters that drive their own destiny always feel more interesting and vital to me, “he says.

Thus, from the United States, both propose the reading of this comic just when the new adventure of this imposing woman who is the only superheroine decided to be, has arrived in Spain, something that others cannot boast of, especially those who have been the product of human experiments.


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