Diakhaby, Bruno and Damin, sanctioned with four matches for the tangana – La Provincia

Diakhaby, Bruno and Damin, sanctioned with four matches for the tangana - La Provincia

The tangana lived last Tuesday in Mestalla, where players of the Valencia and Getafe after the return of the quarterfinals of the Copa del Rey, has ended with four games of penalty for Mouctar Diakhaby (Valencia), Bruno Gonzalez (Getafe) and Damián Suárez (Getafe) and two games for Jaime Mata ( Getafe).

At the end of the match, resolved with the agonizing classification of Valencia for the semifinals after prevailing 3-1, thanks to two goals in the discount, players and members of the coaching staff of both teams staged a massive fight that the match referee, Xavier Estrada Fernandez, described in detail in the minutes.

Diakhaby and Bruno grabbed each other by the neck and beat each other until they were separated. Both were expelled and have been sanctioned with four games, the same punishment that Damián Suárez has received, although in his case for two different infractions: two games for nudging a member of Valencia and hitting the face of another, and two matches for calling one of the assistant referees "cagón".

On the other hand, Mata will have to fulfill two games of sanction because, already in the tunnel of changing rooms, he repeatedly told one of the assistant referees the expression "embarrassment of arbitration". Finally, the Valencia physical trainer, Ismael Rodríguez, must also play a match after being sent off for heading to the Getafe bench, shouting "toma, joderos" repeatedly.

Due to the severity of the sanctions, Diakhaby and Bruno will have to fulfill them in their next official commitments. Thus, in the case of the central Valencia will also miss the semifinal round of the Cup of the week and the next three league clashes, including the visit to Camp Nou this weekend, while the 'blues' can not be used by José Bordalás in the next four league games.

For their part, Damián and Mata postpone their respective punishments, which must be met in the Copa del Rey of the 2019/20 season, and they may be in The league Santander with Getafe. In addition, Djené was also sanctioned for his expulsion for a double yellow card after the contest dismissed the Madrid club's allegations.


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