'Diablero', hunters of demons to the Mexican | TV

'Diablero', hunters of demons to the Mexican | TV

During several decades, television has had characters who have become protectors of humanity against the supernatural. To the memory come programs of the late nineties as Buffy, vampire hunters, or more recent ones like adventures of the Winchester brothers in Supernatural or the story of pastor Jesse Custer in Preacher, among others. Imagine the elements that characterize many of these productions and situate them within the giant metropolis of Mexico City, but with Judeo-Christian, Oriental and indigenous legacies that date back to the Maya. This is the proposal of Diablero, starring Horacio García Rojas, who turns the Mexican capital into a great stage of an eternal struggle between good and evil, in which diableros They try to keep the demons at bay.

The series is an adaptation of the novel The devil forced me (Ediciones B), by F. G. Haghenbeck, who is inspired by the graphic novel Operation Bolivar (Ediciones del Castor), by Edgar Clement. Diablero tells the story of Father Ramiro Ventura, a priest who seeks the help of the legendary demon hunter or diablero Elvis Infante (García Rojas). With the help of Nancy Gama, a young woman who can shelter demons and invoke them, and Keta Infante, a santera, this unlikely group will try to find the whereabouts of a lost girl in the underworld of Mexico City.

The history of the book is developed on the East Side of Los Angeles, USA. However, the production company, Morena Films, saw the potential of the characters and the story and decided to take them to the capital of Mexico. The product, according to the interpreter, is breaking with the idea of ​​relating Mexico to a genre that has it typecast, such as series or novels related to drug trafficking. "Speaking with all the people who make audiovisual media, we were already years ago with the annoyance of telling the same stories. Diablero, the first thing that moved me was that, being in an atypical, risky project, with the possibility of telling a new story, "says the actor via telephone.

'Diablero', hunters of demons to the Mexican

With touches of humor, terror, fantasy and suspense, comparisons of Diablero with other similar products did not wait: Buffy, vampire hunters, Constantine, Supernatural… García Rojas says that "there is nothing new under the sun". "The Winchester brothers and the Show they're super cool [típicos estadounidenses]. They are always well combed, they are perfect. What we wanted to give to Diablero It is the color, a magical realism, that is not a fake caricature or a comic strip away from reality. I think it's the first Show that combines this fantastic world and the science fiction of the supernatural with the pre-Hispanic world, endowing it with very ancestral characteristics such as several of the Mexican cultures ", adds García Rojas.

The city, another character

The actor emphasizes that both Netflix and other international producers are opting to diversify the screen and give the option to different audiences to feel represented with the protagonists of the products they consume. "It's the first Netflix series starring someone dark, with more indigenous than Caucasian features, they showed them to Televisa and Tv Azteca [dos de las productoras más grandes de México] that this is also the way that people feel identified and that is also father [estupendo]", says García Rojas.

The protagonist of Diablero enjoyed the construction of his character, presenting a kind of charismatic antihero, very audacious, witty, dancer, with heat in his personality, brazen, very exotic, "but very chilango [gentilicio coloquial que se utiliza para los habitantes de Ciudad de México], very Mexican, "he clarifies." Elvis is a very complex being, as many Mexicans tend to be. Many foreigners do not understand that a Mexican laughs when he should be crying, we approach things in a very peculiar way and that gives a different life to the project. That was what I liked most, the ability to give skin and voice to a character with very own and fun features to perform, "explains the interpreter.

The city becomes another character in the series. The protagonists travel from places known by tourists to hidden corners, where illegal fights of demons and activities related to the magic black market take place. García Rojas says that Diablero It is not the typical Mexican postcard. He does not agree with the work of some directors who, when they try to show their country, this does not look like reality. "The intention of the series was that Mexico was alive, but that there are many Mexicans in this country where we all live in. That is, there is the Angel of Independence, there is a shot on the Paseo de la Reforma, but also there is the metro, images of Ecatepec de Morelos, we are showing the magic of Mexico City, "he concludes.


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