Diabetes stops being an obstacle to opting for a public job - The Province

Diabetes stops being an obstacle to opting for a public job - The Province

The government plans to approve during the meeting of the Minister council of this Friday an agreement for certain diseases such as diabetes are not causes of Medical exclusion for access to public employment.

The meeting this Friday will be chaired by the Vice President of the Government, Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Equality, Carmen Calvo, in the absence of the chief executive, Pedro Sánchez, which participates in Buenos Aires (Argentina) at the G-20 Summit.

Among the issues to be addressed, an agreement will be studied in which it is proposed to eliminate HIV, diabetes, celiac disease and psoriasis of the causes of medical exclusion for access to public employment.

This measure comes after several associations of affected people such as the Spanish Diabetes Federation (FEDE), the State HIV and AIDS Coordinator (CESIDA), the State Federation of Lesbian, Gay, Trans and Bisexual (FELGTB), Working in Positive, the Federation of Associations of Celiacs of Spain (FACE) and Action Psoriasis have carried out campaigns of denunciation for discrimination for health issues.

Among other issues, they denounced the outdatedness of the medical cadres of exclusion to attend certain competitions such as the State Security Forces and Bodies. In addition, they reminded the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Administration Meritxell Batet that it is a mere bureaucratic question that does not imply any increase or budget item.

In March of the same year, the Senate unanimously agreed on all groups a motion to update the medical exclusion panels.


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