April 22, 2021

DGT promises to keep fines amounts – La Provincia

The General Director of Traffic, Pere Navarro, has assured this Friday that his department does not intend to raise the amount of fines, which are already charged at 85 percent of those imposed against 45 percent a few years ago.

Navarro has made these statements in an informative breakfast organized by the Executive Forum, where he recalled that the current amounts have been maintained for ten years, since the traffic sanctions procedure was reformed.

Convinced that road safety problems are not resolved by increasing the amount of fines, Navarro has insisted that this will not be modified and that the only thing expected of changes in the infractions regime is raise the deduction of card points to six by the use of the mobile phone behind the wheel, as he has repeatedly announced.

The head of the DGT has explained the evolution of the sanctions, which they have gone from two million to four million a year, and from one million claims per year to 70,000.

While 45 percent of those imposed were charged a few years ago, now that percentage rises to 85 percent, while the period of notification of the fine has gone from 90 days to 20.

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