July 12, 2020

Deutsche Post earns 1,765 million euros until September, 39.9% more

Deutsche Post DHL earns 1,765 million euros until September, 39.9% more, thanks to the growth of electronic commerce, which drives the international fast courier business and package shipments in Germany.

The German postal services and fast courier company said Tuesday that the billing improved in the same period to 46.385 million euros (+3.9%) and the operating profit up to 2.870 million euros (+41.5%).

The CEO of Deutsche Post DHL, Frank Appel, said in presenting the figures that "thanks to our broad portfolio and the leading market position of the five divisions we also grow in uncertain times."

In addition, the company had in the third quarter of last year extraordinary restructuring expenses in the division of letters and parcels in Germany of 392 million euros and that is why this year the profit rises strongly.

Net indebtedness increased between January and September of this year to 14,492 million euros (+17.8%) and free cash flow was reduced to -296 million euros (-248 million euros a year earlier), although in the third quarter was 507 million euros.

Deutsche Post DHL has invested in the third quarter 854 million euros (827 million euros a year earlier), especially to expand its package infrastructure in Germany and expand global and regional shipping points in the fast courier division.

The German company has put into service new cargo aircraft Boeing 777.

For the whole year, it expects an investment volume of 3.7 billion euros (2.6 billion euros in 2018), of which 1.1 billion euros to renew the Boeing 777 fleet.

After having revised upwards the forecasts in the first half, Appel forecasts for the fourth quarter "a strong Christmas business" and confirmed the forecasts for the entire 2019 of an operating profit of between 4,000 and 4,300 million euros.

It also forecasts an operating result of more than 5,000 million euros in 2020 and at least 5,300 million euros in 2022.

To achieve these objectives, Deutsche Post DHL will boost growth in the main profitable areas and accelerate the digital transformation.

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