Detained in Ciudad Real for 'stunt' to a young woman – The Province

Detained in Ciudad Real for 'stunt' to a young woman - The Province

Agents of National Police they have arrested a neighbor of Real city and his sister, who collaborated with him, as alleged perpetrators of the crimes of 'sextorsión', sexual abuse, fraud and coercion denounced to a young woman after, supposedly, asking 12,000 euros, as well as photographs and videos of sexual content, after entering into a cyber-relationship with her.

The investigation began last July, following the complaint filed by a young woman in a Madrid Police Station, in which he stated that, about a year ago, he had initiated contacts with a man through a dating platform on the web, starting a cyber-relationship with him, as reported by the National Police in a press release.

After a while, the now detained began to ask for money with the promise to return it, small amounts that were increasing with the passage of time. The victim, in order to help his "virtual boyfriend", sent him different remittances of money, getting the author the amount of 12,000 euros, in addition to sportswear and a mobile phone that he requested.

At the same time, the author begins to request the sending of photographs and videos of sexual content to the victim, obtaining an abundant intimate audiovisual material from her. The young woman, in the belief that she maintained a true love relationship, followed the dictates of her lover for the production of sexual material.

After a laborious investigation carried out by the Group of Technological Crimes of the Provincial Commissariat of Real city, the full identification and subsequent arrest of the author of the facts has been achieved, in the case of a neighbor from Ciudad Real who, to commit the crimes, had created a false identity on the web, making the victim believe that he was a young man and successful surgeon of good economic position who resided in Madrid.

Along with him, he proceeded to the arrest of his sister, who had collaborated fully in the deception.


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