August 4, 2020

Deserved click for Spain in Norway | sports

A bad game ended badly for Spain. A goal by Saul at the beginning of the second half had put on a bizarre encounter of the Red, but in the last blink, a few seconds from the end, Kepa joined the rampage and rolled an opponent. Norwegian King scored the penalty and Robert Moreno's team will have to wait. The multinational Eurocopa next summer is in sight, but not sealed. In Oslo he did not deserve it. A blurred Spain broke through the Norwegian capital, without the grace of the last matches. A team without armor, nothing vertebrate, that ended up encapsulated by an adversary without another sample that the ball to the area and the load of the regiment. Enough for the Red to feel the weather, without the ball as sustenance, and with no other way out than to weather the Nordic waves.

Since it rolled after summit, the Red looks for and looks for, turns and turns, turns that turns. Either due to unforeseen circumstances (Lopetegui, Luis Enrique) or because it has not just hit the new backbone. So unpredictable can this Spain be, today under the sudden command of Robert Moreno, who left a historical mark in Norway. Fruit of this babysitic Spain, in which the same thirty-year-olds (Cazorla, Albiol) who are recruited fellows (Pau Torres), in Oslo, eleven players from eleven different teams got ready to start. Never seen in this almost centennial selection. It did not work out. The first half of the Red was disappointing, by far, the worst in Moreno's stage. The same as the last section of the second function. A flat Spain. No rhythm, no direction, no apparent plan. As if before the infinite bugle of the record holder Sergio Ramos everyone felt strangers. More of a defensive mismatch. The midfield as a mere stop. And in the attack, some flight of Jesus Navas with centers towards nothingness, because nobody was nesting in the area. There was no sector of the field in which the Red found solutions. Neither Rodrigo and Oyarzabal crumbs, false battering rams. No trace of the flyers, with Ceballos in no man's land. Nor firmness in defense, where Albiol, enlisted by the airpower of the Norwegians, was never a dike. Too disheveled before such an ordinary adversary. It happens that the Nordic selection is too pedestrian. Play Odegaard Around him, a squad of good athletes with a lot of physical lining, but disobedient feet. However, with the local spirit it was enough to train Spain until the break. A scattered and confused Spain. And entangled before each antediluvian pitch of the Nordics.

Nothing corrected Moreno in the intermission. But at the minute of the second act, Saul fired a shot with his right boot, the least campechana, from the balcony of the area and the boat in his nose was too much for Jarstein, Norwegian goalkeeper. A brilliant goal that was not the son of the game. But anesthetic for a few minutes. Spain did not raise the scale, but Norway deflated for a while, which at times had no hook, as just as is this selection of Lagerbäck.

In advantage, Moreno waved the bill with the entry of Cazorla by the late Ceballos. Immediately, in the first intervention of the Spaniard of Villarreal, Fabian crashed the ball on the crossbar. The Andalusian is a virtuoso of the shot when from the right he is outlined towards his sharp left-handed. Of Moreno's novels, Fabian above all.






Jarstein, Omar Elabdellaoui, Vassbakk, Nordtveit (Hovland, min. 29), Aleesami, Selnaes, Henriksen (Bjorn Maars, min. 82), Johansen (Alexander Syrloth, min. 62), Berge, Odegaard and King.


Arrizabalaga, Albiol, Sergio Ramos, Bernat (Íñigo Martínez, min. 87), Jesús Navas, Fabián, Saúl, Busquets, Oyarzabal (Rodrigo, min. 77), Rodrigo and Dani Ceballos (Cazorla, min. 63).

0-1 min. 46: Saul. 1-1 min. 93: King (p).

King (min. 41),
Arrizabalaga (min. 91),
Sergio Ramos (min. 79),
Fabian (min. 80),
Busquets (min. 60) and
Rodrigo (min. 34).

Stadium:Ullevaal Stadion

With the wink of the marker, Spain was short-lived the government. As soon as the ramplona Norway gave another chest, again the Red one was opened. Losses happened, no visitor was able to stitch. Everything was an outrage, with which the forces were equalized. In the middle of the thunder, Sergio Ramos saw the card that will take him away from the clash of Tuesday in Sweden. JI use the match following his international record.

With Spain lulled, Moreno kicked Rodrigo as an assistant to Busquets, a move he already made in the match between the two teams in Mestalla. But nothing improved the Spanish team, forced to resist as it was before the anxious arreones of the Norwegians. Without anyone able to temper. With no one able to stretch the team. A Spain that closed its passage in Oslo with only one striker (Rodrigo) and no other spark than that right of Saul. Reduced by the subsequent breakdown of Kepa that forces to delay a target that is one step away. The Spanish classification for Euro 2020 is not at all in danger. But there is another purpose in sight: the definition of a team that has yet to square. Moreno is an opener and his list seems endless. But when the time comes, it will have to be concrete. Time has and the results – even sometimes the game, not in Oslo – accompany him.

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