Descaling in the Canary Islands: The Metropole Swimming Club, an example of national management for the reopening after confinement by the coronavirus – La Provincia

Satisfaction and renewed energy among the metropolitan family, after this Monday, May 25, the users and members of the club left the dry dock and filled the facilities of the Gran Canaria capital with sport. Since March 14, when the first of the alarm states that have been happening throughout these months was decreed, the Metropole Swimming Club It undertook a task of renovating and adapting its facilities, which has served to establish itself today as one of the sports entities that serve as a benchmark on the national scene.

“From the Spanish Swimming Federation, directed by Fernando Carpena, has internally disclosed the protocols we were following at the Metropole to carry out the reopening, serving as inspiration for other clubs on the national scene, which have yet to adapt to this new operation “, ensures Eduardo Araujo, president of the metropolitan entity.

In this sense, “we have been one of the first clubs of our size to open doors, setting an example for the rest. This is largely due to the fact that Gran Canaria entered before other territories in phase 2, which made us get to work on this management, “says Araujo.

And it is that the Metropole Swimming Club named a commission within its board of directors, led by Alberto Santana, who has been in charge of dealing with all the rules established to adapt them to the club environment. As the club president acknowledges, “this has not been an easy task, considering the volume of ministerial orders that we have known during this time, which have made it essential to have a team destined to study them and who are truly responsible that everything is going well. “

However, for the activity to develop in the best possible way, taking into account the limitations that still have to be met, the work of the club manager has been essential, Pablo Lobo. “The figure of Pablo Lobo has been another of the essentials so that everything is going according to plan. Our manager is an Industrial Engineer, with a specialty in Industrial Organization, Master in Business Administration and Management and Master in Occupational Risk Prevention, what that has allowed us to have fundamental training for our staff, who before having opened the facility has had all the information in this regard and knowledge of each of the protocols, “says Araujo.

All this activity of coordination and adaptation to the ‘new normal’ has unleashed in a overall satisfaction of all club users who have already been able to meet up with sports facilities. “The first days of this week we detected that there was a certain hesitation in training at the club again, with the uncertainty of the time we are living, but nevertheless, as the days have progressed and they have been able to know the measures that we have implemented, have been encouraged and are already operating at full capacity, within the limitations of capacity that we have to meet, “says the president of the entity.

In relation to the plans of the Government of Spain for phase 3 of the so-called ‘Plan for the transition to a new normal’, Eduardo Araujo assures that “although we still do not know the guidelines that will be set, and that we will know with the advance of the islands that are more advanced, the reality is that from the club we ask that the capacity be increased, above all, because the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC), which is a state agency attached to the Ministry of Science and Innovation, states that there is no evidence that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be transmitted to people through water in swimming pools, provided that proper operation and maintenance of these, something that we at the Metropole have always fulfilled. “


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