Descaling in the Canary Islands: The Canarian Esports League HiperDino continues with new competitions - La Provincia

The second edition of the Canarian Esports League HiperDino It continues its activity and next Monday the first actions of its fourth competitive period begin. It is a two-month mini-season with a large offer of competitions in format on-line with which to have fun, so much amateurs as experienced players.

Registrations for the first competitions are now open. Valorant, Fortnite, Clash Royale, League of Legends, FIFA 20 or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are just some of the games available. The new competitive period will contain leisure options for all audiences, including both short tournaments, as well as open divisions and regular leagues. New open cups of different games will be released every week, with a maximum duration of two days.

Open divisions will consist of one and a half month tournaments. The games: Fortnite and Valorant. Also, during this split 4, there will be news for lovers of the motor world.

The DinoSeries, scene

Regular competitions, which are characterized by being the most extensive and focused on experienced players, will continue to be from L eague of legends, FIFA 20 and Clash Royale. All with changes in its structure to provide more dynamism to the development of the game, facing the great finals of this season: the DinoSeries. The final stages will be the finishing touch to this second edition and will begin playing in early July.

In FIFA 20 and Clash Royale The divisions will become weekly qualifiers, which will take place during the first month and where the 16 players who will participate in the DinoSeries of these games will come from. While in League of Legends the first, second and third divisions will be maintained during the first month, as well as the access division. The best teams from each division will face each other, in a staggered way, in order to advance and take the final.

Likewise, the option of crowdgaming, a direct channel for League users to actively participate in it, proposing new games and tournaments for the organization to receive their feedback and better meet their demands. All tournaments will have their own prize pool and regulations. Minors can participate, with the consent of their legal guardian, and only in games whose recommended age allows it.

The Canarian Esports HiperDino League is the first archipelago gaming circuit organized at this level. It is powered by the HiperDino chain and has more than 10,300 participants from all over the Canary Islands. Registrations on the web:


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