'Derry Girls': how the hell could we live like this? | TV

Derry Girls it is one of the phenomena Britons of the season and is making headway in the rest of the world, including Spain, thanks to Netflix, which did not give a sterling for her, probably because he considered it too local a product. And it is, like all stories: the stories take place in a time and space, so that all are local, even those that take place in imaginary times and spaces. The success of Derry Girls proof that cultural borders are often only in the heads of the heads of marketing.

The thing itself is a very simple comedy that takes place in a college of nuns in Derry or Londonderry, in Northern Ireland, in the hard years of the 1990s. Humor is dirty and elementary, not just irony and phlegm lives the Briton, a poop-ass-pedo-pee for teens that works with adults because it also exploits nostalgia and pop references. Music of the nineties and historical context for those who were young at that time.

It is noted that there is something deeply autobiographical about what its creators say because the protagonists normalize the abnormal. The girls live in the middle of a Northern Ireland militarized and subjected to the violence of the bombs, but do not give the slightest importance. And this, which cold sounds implausible, is what gives more strength to the series: to survive, those who live in conflict, normalize barbarism. There is no other way to get up every morning and face the days without going crazy.

I remembered a Peruvian novel by Martín Roldán Ruiz, Bomb car generation, which recreates the Lima besieged by the Shining Path attacks. The young people who star in it go out at night and continue the party after the bombs, which they do not pay attention to. Derry Girls He expresses this masterly and perhaps also explains his success: the spectators of today ask themselves, perplexed in front of the mirror of fiction: how the hell could we live like that?


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