April 15, 2021

Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba, a delirium of psychedelia and flamenco | Culture

Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba, a delirium of psychedelia and flamenco | Culture

The sevillanas evenings of August, with those high temperatures that make burn the stones of their Moorish architecture, are fertile ground for the delirium. Or so they explain a sextet of veteran musicians of the local scene who, gathered in a rehearsal room in search of getting on the new wave of psychedelia led by bands like King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard and Pond, have decided to merge the strident aesthetics of the 80's kinky movies with the folklore of flamenco. And that to that mixture they have defined it as kinkidelia, and the project has been called Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba.

Accustomed to the touch of the stage after passing through different groups, the Derby Motoreta's joined in early 2018 convinced to conceive a powerful live. After a season abroad, the singer Dandy Piranha returned to Seville determined to resume the heritage of the Andalusian rock seventies to reconvert it through contemporary resources. "I wanted to do the pimp with those sounds," says Piranha via telephone. Bacca (guitar), Gringo (guitar), Papi Pachuli (drums), Soni (bass) and Von Máscara (keyboard and synthesizer) were added to the experiment, with the aim of "giving firewood" and impressing the people who came to his concerts.

Between the direct ones and the tests, soon they reunited the sufficient material to produce its first disc, homónimo, presented / displayed the 8 of February under the seal the Segell, of the festival Primavera Sound. Precisely, the Motoreta's Derby are part of this year's poster, which It stands out for its equal alignment and for opening up to the urban genres of the moment with the presence of Rosalía and the Colombian J Balvin. For a band that has its main strength in the energy of a live show, the possibility of appearing in an event of this size "is a great opportunity," says Piranha; but also considers that his proposal "fits very well in that context".

His words are not praise to the air. To make "music of 2019", as they raised it from the beginning, the members of Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba have "refreshed a lot the ear in recent years", explains the singer of the band. And so, without complexes, he assures that they like the work of Rosalía Y Child of Elche for their flamenco reviews, but also declare themselves "lovers of artists like Yung Beef or The Zowi" "In this new wave of trap and urban music there is a lot of that rebellion and that rebellious rock attitude to go against the system," says Piranha, who gives a twist to the concepts and considers that they are the ones who have an attitude of urban music".

Piranha and the other members of the band are not going to complain about the alleged cultural appropriationism nor are they wrapped in any flag. On the contrary, he thinks that any artistic expression that is made "from affection" and understanding "the idiosyncrasy of a musical culture" is totally valid. Because as they do now a review of flamenco and psychedelia, because it is what they have "nursed since childhood", in the future they would not hesitate to experiment with urban music. "We have come here to play and constantly reinvent ourselves. Ours is the art, freedom and beauty of music, "Piranha says.


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