April 15, 2021

Derby from Madrid: Madrid takes height | sports

Derby from Madrid: Madrid takes height | sports

So sudden is the soccer that graduates to the race Solari and Vinicius the Madrid goes like a shot. A whole comeback on the limp team that lopetegui and Isco flagged. Today is a team as competent in the Camp Nou as in the Metropolitan. So qualified before the symphonic game proposed by Barça as before the Vietnamese duel that raised the Athletic. In an impossible match for those who split, Madrid had the rennet, the pause and effectiveness that an opponent with more drums than football lacked. And in the decisive assaults of the duel, the X-rays of the VAR distressed the locals, either by a millimetric penalty from Giménez or an out-of-play nail from Morata. From the takeoff of Vinicius at the close of Bale, the Real left in the ditch his neighbor, who already exceeds in LaLiga and who put his first cross of the course in the Wanda.

Three months after his provisional link with the first team, Solari, more real than ever, already has its team fetén. Just who got ready in the derby, with Bale and Marcelo in the shade and Isco out of place. The Argentine coach attends to the meritocracy. That is, Reguilón and Vinicius. On his youthful enthusiasm, the climb of the Solari Madrid has pivoted. With them in front he launched his family to the Caldera del Metropolitano. Atticized by the fans came Atlético in combustion. The angry protest of Griezmann to claim a corner just before five minutes showed the atomic game that was coming (36 fouls, ten cards and thousands of arguments and hairs).

Madrid was released from the ropes by Kroos, Modric and Benzema, doctorate people at the time of sedating the game. Nothing to do with his colleagues on the other side, the fervent Saul and Thomas, more predisposed for the body to body. This time, unimportant the first and last thread the second, already expelled with the 1-3.

The renowned defensive Atlético was questioned the quarter of an hour. The sleeplessness for the final of Lisbon still lingers, so when Kroos executed a corner kick to four places went to the arrest of Ramos. The white captain won the stake of Thomas, Giménez, Morata and Lucas, who in their obsession with the center abandoned Casemiro. The Brazilian, on the half-lap, put together a great finishing touch.

Atlético, 1- Real Madrid, 3

Athletic: Oblak; Arias, Giménez, Godín, Lucas Hernández; Correa (Rodrigo, m.65), Thomas, Saul, Lemar (Vitolo, m.59); Griezmann and Morata (Kalinic, m.71): Not used: Adam, Filipe Luis, Juanfran and Mollejo.

Real Madrid: Courtois; Carvajal, Varane, Sergio Ramos, Reguilón; Modric, Casemiro, Kross (Ceballos, m.84); Lucas Vázquez, Benzema (Mariano, m.89) and Vinicius (Bale, m.57). Not used: Keylor Navas, Nacho, Marcelo and Asensio.

Goals: 0-1. M. 16: Casemiro. 1-1. M. 25: Griezmann. 1-2. M. 43: Sergio Ramos, penalty. 1-3. M. 74: Bale.

Ábritro: Estrada Fernández. He admonished Lucas Vázquez, Griezmann, Giménez, Lucas Hernández, Thomas, Reguilón, Modric, Morata and Saúl, and ejected Thomas for a double yellow card. VAR: Martínez Munuera.

Wanda Metropolitano, 68,000 spectators.

The initial goal gave way to the takeoff of Vinicius, symbol of the contagious optimism of this new Madrid. There is no Camp Nou or Wanda that intimidates the boy. Neither Godín or Giménez, who are not altar boys. Vinicius faced, faked, braked and put in his mirror to others. It has more: a pass with the instep outside Lucas was a delight.

Controlled Madrid and accelerated Vinicius without Atletico hit the key, without thread with Morata, without traces of Lemar, Saul and Thomas blinded … Until Correa won a pulse to Vinicius -seemed missing- and attended wonderfully to Griezmann, who gave the goal with a pass to the net between the legs of the frog of Courtois. Suspense. The VAR certified the both a few minutes later. Ramos prevented the Gaul offside. The shock, with a lot of sandpaper on the boots, got muddy until the second intrigue arrived. Giménez knotted Vinicius on the border of the area. He looked for the knockout, but ended up reaping the Brazilian inside. This was validated by the VAR. Opposing Oblak, Ramos forgot Panenka and adjusted the shot (1-2). Intermediate came without warnings in the areas: a stop Oblak Kroos shot and no more news of Courtois than the popular anger and his leaps with goals.

The coaches did not flinch, ready for the same game in the second act. Atlético shouted to Rodri, to an architect who gave meaning to the game, who threaded Morata and Griezmann. But Simeone was cautious with the canterano, with discomfort. So Atletico set out again to football jabato. Madrid assumed the role of resistant. A shot from Griezmann preceded a goal-no goal de Morata, in his only meritorious action of the day. Giménez looked for him with the long lights and the striker made an exquisite control, at the height of his exquisite definition with a minced on a Goalkeeper-pole like Courtois. The third plot of the VAR. Silence in the Metropolitan. The cameras condemned a very tight out of play. There was the fourth VAR delivery. Their eyes They did not see an apparent penalty from Casemiro to Morata. There the Atlético went out, to which the entries of Vitolo, Rodri and Kalinic did not shake. The team lacked temper and crutch. Theirs is the wick, the voltage.

While looking for Atletico, Madrid stood firm in the fray while waiting for a loose verse. For such a script nobody like Bale, who catches goals without hardly footsteps. He broke into Vinicius, who stalks more by cache than by realism, and in one he sealed his centenary goal in the worst possible way, with a peculiar cut of sleeves. A goal to snap a derby that shoots the Madrid of Solari, Vinicius and Reguilón after a game that will give much chatter from VAR.

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