Sat. Feb 23rd, 2019

Derbi LaLiga: Arturo Vidal: "Everything went as planned" | sports

Derbi LaLiga: Arturo Vidal: "Everything went as planned" | sports

Transparent, sincere, surrendered to the evidence, Rubi deciphered the keys of his team's game, which fell precipitously against Barcelona in the first derby of the course and in its own stadium. "Things have not gone well at all. We have lacked a bit of tranquility with the ball, a bit of punch. You have to recognize it, "said the Espanyol coach, who warned that the 10 points that today separate him in the classification of the leader of LaLiga weigh much more than he thought. "That there is a difference has become clear this Saturday. We already knew, but we did not expect it to be so much, "he confessed. They beat him physically, he assumed, knowing how he was about technical differences.

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Also, facing Messi was never easy. With his first goal of fault, the game took a turn. "In the end we have not managed to play the game at any time. That conditions you mentally. Even knowing in advance how difficult it is to play against these players. We could not throw the game where we wanted, "added Rubi.

Because the two teams sought to stop the rival by applying the same solutions. And in that equality of intentions, quality is imposed. "They also had the same intention as us, the intention of drowning us a little in the exit. The fact is that we have been very good in the pressure, because we have two players in midfield who interpret that very well and prevent the opponent from turning and playing, "explained Valverde.

"Everything went as we had planned," conceded Arturo Vidal. And Valverde prided himself on having read the match well-widened Marc Roca, blocked Darder, by the pressure exerted by Busquets and Rakitic, for all the occasions generated thanks to players that in the last third of the field "can be final", and for having kept a clean sheet in a stadium in which Espanyol had taken such good results.

"Every time we have more control of the game and when we do not have it, we know how to suffer. In addition, in the last two games we have not fit, which is important, "said Piqué.

"For us it was a very important game" the coach closed, aware that a year ago he took a defeat in Copa and a draw in LaLiga. Although, "there is still a long way to go," he added.

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