May 27, 2020

Derbi between IBSA CCO 7 Palmas and Libby's La Laguna to inaugurate the course – La Provincia

The IBSA CV Shopping and Leisure Center 7 Palmas will look today (11.30 am) for its first victory against Sanaya Libby's The lagoon at the Insular Sports Center, which you can go to for free. Pedro Lanero's team will have all its members with the exception of the Belgian Tara Daerden, who suffers a bruise on the elbow, and Lucre Engo, who is in the process of recovering from a micro-break in the quadriceps.

The Gran Canaria team will fight for victory on this first day against the other representative of the Canary Islands in Superliga, Sanaya Libby's La Laguna. The lagoon team managed to beat the Olympic in the two preseason duels, although neither of the two teams had all of their players.

Pedro Lanero, coach of the Grancanario team, was resounding, "we started a new season in which all the teams started from scratch. We have worked a lot in preseason and now it is time to apply what we have worked. I trust my players and if we give 100% will be able to achieve something positive. "

With regard to Haris, Lanero wanted to highlight "the good work with which they have been working in recent years. It is a continuous project because in the past they have collected fruits of that good work. We know how they play and we have enough resources to curb their points We must maintain the intensity and aggressiveness at all times, it is a team that cannot be granted any advantage on the track. "

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