July 25, 2021

Deputy of Podemos in Cantabria resigns and apologizes to his colleagues

Deputy of Podemos in Cantabria resigns and apologizes to his colleagues

The deputy of Podemos in the regional Parliament José Ramón Blanco has announced that he is resigning from the post after learning that he has been opened for alleged psychological harassment of some party mates, to which he has apologized publicly.

Yesterday it was learned that Podemos has opened a file to José Ramón Blanco after allegations of psychological harassment by two compañeras and a worker of the party. According to the media, the complaints were caused by attitudes that could "put psychosocial health at risk," which would include "vexations, insults, threats and great discussions."

In his statement today, Blanco argues: "I think that everyone will have had a discussion with someone where the tone has been raised, thick words have been used and things have been said about which he later repented. the words and the forms that I used, I have apologized to the compañeras in private and now I do it publicly. "

He also emphasizes that "the level of demand that Podemos stands is higher" and states that he is resigning as a deputy for that, and for "trying to collaborate decisively to put an end to the tension and confrontation" and that the good name of the party "is not be harmed

But he alludes to "the bad climate" in which the parliamentary group "has been intruded" and "the many attacks, political and personal", that he has lived, and also criticizes the "campaign of harassment and demolition" that he attributes to the regional deputy Verónica Ordóñez.


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