Deputy Aina Vidal (In Comú Podem) explains her absence in the investiture vote: “I have cancer”

The deputy of En Comú Podem Aina Vidal, absent in the second session of the investiture debate of Pedro Sánchez this Sunday, explained that she has not attended the vote because she suffers from cancer.

“Today I did not go to vote in Congress, and it will take me a season to return,” Vidal explained in a statement he has shared through his social networks. “I have cancer. A rare, widespread and aggressive one,” he said.

The vote has concluded with 166 yeses, 165 noes and 18 abstentions. A total of 349 deputies have cast their vote, since Vidal has not voted.

In this regard, and in the face of speculation, the deputy said that “will not fail” to vote on Tuesday. “The 7 will not fail. For nothing in the world I would lose an investiture that will be much more than a vote,” he said.

“We will win a Government, one that will have the responsibility of being at the height of a feminist, environmentalist society and that is roaring to recover social justice. A Government that puts life in the center,” he continued.

He has also detailed that he trusts “public health personnel” and has asserted that he knows “accompanied” by his family, political family and friends.


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