July 29, 2021

Deportivo returns to the streets

Deportivo, who seemed to have reacted enough to not get into trouble, has returned to the walks and has returned to the relegation positions to Second B after having linked four days without winning and lost the identity provided by his coach, Fernando Vázquez.

The Blue and Whites, who accumulated seven consecutive victories, six with their third coach of the season, have entered another negative series: they have lost the defensive solidity they had recovered, they have run out of Michele Somma, they are suffering from the drought of Sabin Merino, they they have clung to the system of five defenses and have failed to make the possession profitable.

1.-Defensive solidity Deportivo’s reaction began with defense. Fernando Vázquez managed to seal a defense that was the most thrashed and, from there, the team took winning inertia by profiting some of the arrivals at the rival goal, sometimes with a certain dose of fortune (in Albacete it marked a rebound).

However, in recent games he has shown himself vulnerable again and in three of the four most recent events he has conceded nine goals, which has led him to put himself in front of the goals received (46 in 31 games), three more than Oviedo, Extremadura and Mirandés.

It is striking that in Almeria, where he received four goals last Saturday, he only made four fouls in the entire game, a fact that reflects low intensity in the disputes.

2.-The loss of Michele Somma The Italian broke the crusader and the meniscus of the right knee in the first minutes of the game with Girona, which triumphed the triumphant streak of Deportivo in the final stretch of the clash after having arranged of a 2-0 that would have left at that time a promotion promotion match.

Since Somma is not there, Deportivo has only added two points of twelve possible, against Girona (2-2) and Lugo (0-0).

The team has combed the market to replace its long-term leave, but, for now, it has not finalized the signing for a position that had already tried to reinforce before the injury of the Italian and in which, in addition, he let the Greek Vasilios leave Lampropoulos

3.-The drought of Sabin Merino The winning streak of Deportivo also coincided with the signing of striker Sabin Merino, the first player in the history of the club that was able to score in his first four games as blue and white.

A muscle injury cut his streak and, since then, the Basque, who had been goalless for more than three years in official matches until his arrival at Deportivo, has not scored again, although he has not had too many options.

4.- Immovable system of five defenses The team woke up this season from the hand of the scheme of five defenses, which provided security and he has held on to his coach.

With the loss of Somma, he has put midfielder Peru Nolaskoain at the center of the rear, along with two very young centrals, Mujaid Sadick, who has climbed the subsidiary, and Javi Montero, on loan from Atlético de Madrid.

In addition, he has had problems on the left side due to the loss of Salva Ruiz due to injury and has resorted in that demarcation to an offensive player, accustomed to playing as second striker, Víctor Mollejo.

Except for slight tweaks during the games, Vázquez has remained faithful to that drawing that is not working now.

5.-More possession, less goal In the last two games, Deportivo had more possession than the rival, but did not find a way to pierce the opposing goal.

His coach has acknowledged that they have to evolve in attack, where they have got stuck, although now defensive problems have reappeared.

Carlos Alberto Fernandez


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