August 3, 2021

Depedro video clip with Santiago Auserón | Culture

Depedro video clip with Santiago Auserón | Culture

Everything will be fine is the war cry of Jairo Zavala. his Everything will be fine It is a "we will come out of this". A "we will be able to do it". This new chapter of the adventures of Depedro is not a mere compilation of adventures with cronies to color the already known themes. It is an opportunity to re-interpret part of his songbook once the compositions have caught the taste of the barrel of hundreds and hundreds of concerts. This is how records should be recorded, in one shot after having sounded in dozens of places around the world.

They are the songs that you have hummed in Depedro's concerts, but they are reinforced by a band that is at the perfect cooking point in Estudio 1, Colmenar Viejo (Madrid), with the production of Jairo himself, who knows his cookbook well. All seasoned with the astuteness and smell of Santiago Auserón, the crystalline naturalness of Coque Malla. Also, the recognizable consistency of Vetusta Morla, the fraternal and maternal energy of Amparo Sánchez, the raw and pure delicacy of Luz Casal, the effective and resolute simplicity of Camilo Lara, the contemporary tear of Fuel Fandango and the hurricane devotion of Izal. These are the friends Depedro has gathered for Everything will be fine.


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