July 9, 2020

Dentists urge the Government to declare the suspension of opening of clinics

They demand that ERTEs and tax exemptions be provided. Professionals donated their PPE for Health to distribute in hospitals

The state of alarm begins to wreak havoc on some groups and the professionals who are most exposed to contagion demand urgent measures from the government to mitigate the effects. The General Council of Dentists, chaired by Dr. Óscar Castro Reino, has once again called on the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, to suspend the opening of dental clinics while the state of alarm decree lasts due to the coronavirus pandemic. The professionals They propose the setting up of a network of clinics in each province that attend only emergency situations.

According to Dr. Castro “the lack of material and protective equipment necessary for dentists at the present time, as it is being donated to public health, I beg you as a containment measure in the spread of the disease, proceed to decree by the Government the suspension of the opening of dental clinics for the period that is necessary in the duration of this crisis, since the continuity in our professional practice, in the conditions in which it is being developed, puts in serious risk both the health of professionals and that of patients ”.

He also requested that appropriate economic measures be taken to facilitate ERTE and tax exemptions, allowing to alleviate the economic disaster that this situation will suppose for our professional group.

Massive donation of PPE

And, because of the public health emergency situation by COVID-19, the 40,000 registered dentists throughout Spain collaborate with the Ministry of Health donating their PPE, despite having little protective material for their exclusive use in dental emergencies.

Dentists have offered to the Ministry of Health more than 79,000 FFP2, FFP3 and surgical protective masks, 750 protective glasses, 265,676 nitrite gloves and 4,031 disposable and waterproof gowns, among other materials, without taking into account the donations already made through each autonomous community.

For this solidarity and for the delicate moment they are going through, the president of the General Council of Dentists of Spain sent a letter to the members of the association explaining that since March 24 they have been informing both the members of the Collegiate Organization and the collegiate, of all the aspects concerning the COVID-19 that affect the profession: technical reports explaining how to prevent infections, advice and labor councils and explanations of the decrees that the Government has approved on the occasion of the declaration of the State of Alarm, always with the aim of serving dentists and providing you with true and useful information.

In addition, it has authorized the suspension of the payment of fees from the Colleges to the General Council for two months.


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