May 17, 2021

Dengue deaths total 51 in Paraguay, four more than a week ago

The number of fatalities due to dengue so far this year in Paraguay has risen to 51, compared to 47 registered seven days ago, within a downward curve of the cases reported in recent weeks, the Ministry of Public health.

The head of the portfolio, Julio Mazzoleni, told the media that there are a total of 23,922 positive cases of dengue, out of a total of 172,864 notifications.

He added that a hundred deaths under study were ruled out as motivated by dengue.

Despite reiterating that the epidemic is receding, the minister insisted that citizens not lower their guard over the disease, endemic in Paraguay.

The current dengue epidemic mainly affects the Asunción metropolitan area and the Central department, which constitute the most populated areas of the country.

The predominant serotype in the current epidemic is DEN-4, the mildest.

Mazzoleni provided the new data during the update appearance every Friday, which however was focused on reporting on the situation of the coronavirus.

Hence, their presence was through videoconference shared with journalists.

In Paraguay there are to date 13 confirmed cases of coronaviris, not fatal.

It remains to be confirmed that one of them did not occur due to contagion abroad or with people arriving from abroad, in order to verify that there is or is not community circulation.

In any case, the minister recognized that the possibilities of extending the 15-day quarantine decreed on March 10, consisting of the suspension of massive events, such as soccer matches, as well as classes and the programming of theaters and theaters, are very high. cinemas.

This week the government tightened the quarantine by restricting the movement of people and vehicles at night, a measure that was added to the partial closure of the borders.


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