Demonstrations continue in Sudan against the high cost of living

Demonstrations continue in Sudan against the high cost of living

Hundreds of people demonstrated today for the fifth consecutive day in Khartoum and other cities of Sudan against the high cost of living and the shortage of basic products and fuels, in a series of protests that have degenerated into violent incidents in which some twenty people, according to opposition calculations.

The opposition Sudanese Congress Party reported in a statement that the authorities in Um Ruwaba detained the regional president of this formation, Hatem Abdelrahman, in addition to seven other activists.

The official radio station of the city of Um Durman, neighboring Khartoum, reported that the situation "in most of the states is calm".

According to the radio, the authorities have received complaints against "dozens of protesters" in the states of al Qadarif, Nilo Blanco (southeast) and Nilo (north) for acts of "sabotage and alterations to public safety", for having set fire to public institutions and private during the last days.

The opposition alliance Sudan Appeals Force affirmed this Saturday that, during the first four days of protests, police repression has killed 22 people.

The protests have been triggered by the lack of bread and fuel, a situation that has lasted for three weeks, and by the increase in the price of several basic products due to the strong devaluation of the local currency, the Sudanese pound, last October. .

The shortage of bread and gasoline forces citizens to make large ranks to get these products in distribution centers.


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