Demonstration of Alcoa workers to demand the intervention of the plant



Hundreds of workers from the Alcoa plant in Cervo, accompanied by relatives and neighbors of the region, have starred this Monday a protest in the town of Lugo in which slogans addressed to the President of the Government, the Minister of Industry and the Xunta have been chanted, among others, and in which there has been a burning of tires in the middle of the road.

The solution, an intervention ‘; ‘Madrid listens, Mariña is in struggle’; ‘Give him ovaries, Maroto give him ovaries’; ‘Put eggs at him, Pedrito throw eggs at him’ and ‘Without industry there is no future “ have been some of the slogans of the protesters.

On a day in which, precisely, Minister Reyes Maroto met with the President of Alcoa in the United StatesIn this way, the workforce has once again brought to the streets some demands that they have maintained for more than a year, when the aluminum multinational announced a file to regulate employment in the factory, which finally overthrew justice.

The head of Industry announced on Monday that, in her meeting with Harvey, she had sent “a proposal agreed with the Xunta de Galicia and the unions in which we demand that the company evaluate the four purchase offers it has received.” In this sense, Maroto has pointed out that «Alcoa has been receptive to our proposals and the CEO is committed to unlocking the plant’s sale process ». In addition, he added that there will be a response “in the next two weeks” and Alcoa number one has the clear desire to sell the San Cibrao plant in Lugo to a third party.

It has not specified more in what will translate “the support of the Government in the industrial and labor plans” that are agreed for this factory. Yes, Maroto has confirmed that there will be «Lines of public aid»For industrial and energy plans.

This unlocking comes just when social peace had broken out, amid the distrust of the unions towards Alcoa that yesterday convened new mobilizations. In parallel, from the Xunta de Galicia its economic vice president Francisco Conde asked for “a milestone” that would give a turn to the situation to bring the positions closer. At the same time, he insisted that they are “going to continue working” and asking that Industria continue to be involved and committed to the A Mariña region.

For its part, Alcoa, has regretted in a statement that the direct sale of the SEPI has not been included and clarified that, although the CEO of the American multinational, has agreed to analyze the Government’s proposal “Did not undertake to make a direct sale to a third party”. In this sense, it has reiterated its position that the sale of the plant to the public business conglomerate “was the way to give greater security, both to the workers and to the company, that the sale has the support of the Government” and defended who acted as “good faith” during the unsuccessful sale to Liberty House. What they have argued in the judgment of the National Court on the sales of the A Coruña and Avilés plant. “The unviability of the plant is directly related to the lack of competitiveness of the energy framework in Spain,” they have pointed out from Alcoa.

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