Democrats ahead of Pence rally in Puerto Rican area of ​​Florida

The Florida Democratic Party launched a Latino voter registration program this Sunday in Kissimmee, a city near Orlando where an important Puerto Rican community resides and where next Thursday Vice President Mike Pence will participate in an election ceremony for Latinos for Trump.

“Donald Trump and the Republicans have failed Hispanics in Florida with their continued attacks to end health insurance and raising taxes on working families,” said a statement from the Democratic Party.

The supporter event held this Sunday in a popular bakery of the Puerto Rican community was attended by state legislator John Cortes and dozens of volunteers, who were trained to register voters and then were distributed by places frequented by the Hispanic community.

Osceola County, to which Kissimmee belongs, is where there is the highest concentration of Puerto Ricans in all of Florida.

As happened in the midterm elections of 2018, the vote of Puerto Ricans who have settled in Florida after the devastating hurricane Maria (2017) can be decisive in the presidential elections next November, in which President Donald Trump will seek re-election

Florida, with a 26% Hispanic population, is one of the pendulous or “changing” states, as those who do not have a fixed voting pattern are known, so parties should work harder to win voters.

In addition, due to the size of its population, Florida awards 27 votes in the Electoral College, which in each election is where it is defined who will be the next tenant of the White House.

The vice president will participate on Thursday 16 in an act in Kissimmee of Latinos for Trump, a group that was presented publicly last June in Miami in an act presided precisely by him.

Last week the Florida Democratic Party asked Latinos in the state to participate in a Facebook campaign that emphasizes that this group is most affected by President Donald Trump’s “attacks” on the health care system and They promise not to vote for him in 2020.

“We cannot allow Trump to be reelected in 2020 and destroy our health insurance,” says the campaign message.

The “Latinos vs. Trump” initiative was presented in coincidence with a visit by the president of the National Democratic Committee, Tom Pérez, to Miami to meet with representatives of the Latino community and organizations related to health care.

According to a poll published on November 6, almost half of Florida’s Latino electorate (48%) disapproves of President Donald Trump’s performance, and if they only counted their votes in the 2020 elections, the ruler would be defeated by Joe Democrats Biden, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren.

The Florida Atlantic University Economics and Business Survey (FAU BEPI) Initiative revealed that 65.7% of Hispanic voters in Florida would vote for former Vice President Joe Biden versus 34.3% who would do so for Trump.

If the election were between Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren and Trump, the result would be 64.9% versus 35.1%, and if the rival were Senator Bernie Sanders, the bill would be 62.1% versus 37, 9%

The survey reveals that 48% of Hispanics in Florida disapprove of Trump, 31% approve of it and 22% don’t know or answer.

In the case of Puerto Ricans based in this state, 64% are unhappy with Trump, who is accused of not having provided enough help to Puerto Rico when he was ravaged by Hurricane Maria in 2017.

On the contrary, in the case of Cubans, 47% are in favor of a president who has tightened the policy towards the Cuban regime.


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