September 21, 2020

Democracy lives the insufficiency of responding to popular demands

The former Bolivian president Carlos Mesa (2003-2005) considered this Saturday that democracy in the world is going through a moment of "turbulence" to have an insufficiency to respond to popular demands.

"The Latin American democracy, the European one, even that of the United States is going through a very large turbulence, is going through the insufficiency of responding to popular demands," Mesa said in an interview with the EFE Agency in La Paz.

In South America, "the situation that Ecuador, Chile has lived, the one that we live, I no longer say the one that the shameless dictatorship of Venezuela is experiencing has distinct peculiarities, the common element is the need to strengthen in a solid way how we conceive democracy and how we set the rules to respond adequately to people's demands, "he said.

For a few months, Latin America is experiencing an explosion of discontent that has its main focus of tension in Chile with a balance of 20 dead, preceded in October by a series of violent protests in Ecuador, Honduras and Haiti, and that has influenced recent elections of Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay and Colombia.

In the case of Bolivia, the demonstrations were radicalized after the elections of October 20 in which Evo Morales was re-elected for a fourth term until 2025 and subsequent allegations of fraud in the elections and demonstrations that already left three dead.

The opposition and the citizen demand the resignation of Morales, the annulment of the elections and a call for elections administered by a new electoral body, considering that the current one acted partially in favor of the ruler.

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