March 8, 2021

"Dembelé is better than Neymar"

The president of FC Barcelona, ​​Josep María Bartomeu is clear: Dembelé is better than Neymar. "I really like how he is, I consider him better than Neymar and one of the figures in football today, watching him play for us is a pleasure, when Dembelé comes out we are all watching to see what can happen", said the highest leader of Barcelona this afternoon in a call to the media.

In that call, Bartomeu has explained the reasons that led Jordi Mestre to resign. "Two days ago he told me that he wanted to leave the sports vice-presidency of the club due to discrepancies with the sports area of ​​the Board of Directors. They are many years in charge of a responsibility and that wears. He told me that he wanted to leave it and I did not ask him to please continue, but I understood. So I will assume that responsibility, " confirmed.

In that call, Mestre has not been the protagonist, but all the questions were around Neymar and his possible return to Cam Barça, although Bartomeu is not clear. "" Mestre's resignation has nothing to do with Neymar or 200%, we know that Neymar wants to leave PSG, but PSG does not want Neymar to leave, so there is no case " He said.

On another of the great soap opera of the summer, Griezzman, Bartomeu said that there have already been contacts by the French. "Yesterday was the first contact that was made with Atlético by Griezmann, Óscar Grau met with Miguel Ángel Gil and we started to ask him if it would be possible that this could happen, I will not explain anything else, there is interest, that's why we got together", He said. The dream of seeing Griezmann with the Barça shirt is closer than ever.

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