"Dembélé has a higher level than Neymar"

"Dembélé has a higher level than Neymar"

"I can not imagine Barcelona without Messi", says Josep Bartomeu in an interview with the program of the Catalan circuit of Spanish Television" El Rondo. "" I want you to sign for life, you have been here more years than in Argentina, "added the Barça president. clause of rescission and would not go, "he says.

Bartomeu can not imagine a Barcelona without Dembélé, which he now places at a higher level than Neymar. Nor does he see the Brazilian dressed in his team's jersey. "It is not possible that [Neymar] come back, because we have done another project with Dembélé and Coutinho with the clause that was paid. Now Dembélé has a higher level than Neymar", explains the Barcelona president.

Neymar left paying the termination clause and Griezmann did not sign. The arrival of the French seems to move away from the club azulgrana. "It's a subject that I do not have to answer to, it has a contract, if it will play at Barça, the decision is always the player, remember the Neymar case, in general, the players are in big clubs and it costs a lot to change," admits And he adds that neither the player nor his environment have been in contact with Barcelona.

Griezmann recorded a documentary with Piqué's company to announce that he was still at Atlético. But Bartomeu does not mind and continues to consider Gerard one of the main assets of the club. "We'll see each other at the club and outside the club, we've had dinner together recently, it's a great season, he's captain of the team, if I was bothered by the documentary about Griezmann, he told me before, it did not bother me. ", it states.

Bartomeu only focuses on his team, on the possibility of winning the second triplet of his term. But he admits that the loss of Cristiano Ronaldo was important for the Spanish championship although it has weakened Real Madrid. "For the LaLiga brand, for what it symbolizes, it was bad news, it went to another league, it was not good news for those of us who think about global soccer," he admits.


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